About US

About usDr. Belinda Rowe is the dynamic prophetic visionary (senior pastor, leader) of Gemss Ministry, a ministry birthed through the many healings she has experienced from the Lord, and the subsequent heart-felt desire and gift to shepherd and care for the broken hearted. 

Dr. Belinda Rowe was healed at the age of 45 of a heart condition she had from birth. Over the years she was diagnosed with asthma and high cholesterol. Today she is healed, not by drugs but by the confession of her mouth and the blood of Jesus Christ and is overjoyed with the breath of life the Lord has given her.

She was born predominately deaf in her left ear and had several failed surgeries. But God has given her bionic hearing, many decibels above normal range. She’s had several surgeries due to many female challenges. Doctors constantly attempted to convince her to remove everything in her early child-bearing years. She lost four children but has given birth to two beautiful babies (both premature at seven months) by the healing power of God, a son (Byron) and daughter (Danielle)! Today she has every internal organ God created her to have and is completely healed!

In September, 2006, she was diagnosed with Secondary Pulmonary Hypertension, which is defined as pressure in the blood vessels that supply the lungs (the pulmonary arteries) becomes abnormally high. Yes, she has NO symptoms, she has the Blood of Jesus flowing throughout her blood vessels! Therefore He regulates the pressure and keeps her healthy at all times!

In January, 2013, she was diagnosed with Arthritis (Rheumatoid) Inflammation of one or more joints. All medical testing were negative for the disease, yet doctors continued to tell her she had RA. She was given several medications, and they weren’t helping nor healing her. She stood on His word, and continuously studied His word, through prayer, praise and worships and she can testify of His goodness and no longer takes any medication and no longer has symptoms. For He has flushed her body and restored her health!

In January, 2015, she was diagnosed with Restrictive Lung Disease, a respiratory disease that restricts lung expansion, resulting in decreased lung volume, and increased work while breathing, and inadequate ventilation and/or oxygenation. She continues to ask her Heavenly Father to breath His breath into her and subsequently each time her oxygen levels are tested they can’t believe the results are always at 100% oxygen within her body! No wonder they look at her strangely! 

In July, 2015, she was diagnosed with Klippel-Feil Syndrome, a rare disease, characterized by the congenital fusion of any two of seven cervical vertebrae’s. Kippel-Feil Syndrome can be identified by shortness of the neck with limited movement. The short life span of this disease is 35-45 years, of which she has surpassed, Hallelujah, all the Glory goes to God! Two of her cervical vertebrae’s are fused together (at birth) which holds her head on her neck/shoulders, and has caused pain and limited movement. Doctors have told her to stop jogging, horseback riding, no roller coasters or sky diving and many other exercises and activities, for they don’t want any injuries. Doctors don’t understand how she’s been able to function and do all the activities she’s done and continues to do, because her neck doesn’t move properly and it moves in ways it definitely shouldn’t according to medical technology and the make-up of the human bone structure. She relies on her faith and wisdom and continues to ask the Lord what can she do and do it without fear, knowing that He has kept her through so many injuries, car accidents, falls etc. If there’s ever the need for surgery she was told that she would possibly never walk again (she does not take walking lightly and walks proudly). She truly believes she can and will do all things though Christ Who Strengthens her.

A walking Miracle, her mind has been restored from suicidal thoughts and the plans of the enemy. Born with Nevus (moles causing melanoma “skin cancer in the brain”), scientists and doctor’s studies say the few people in the world born with this rare condition have a very short life span. They continue to say they don’t understand how she’s walking, breathing or how her bone structure causes her to function normally because she’s wired wrong. She proudly laughs and tells them that she was created in her Heavenly Father’s Image, she’s the Apple of His Eye and HIS ROYAL DAUGHTER!

Her life as a servant of God, caring for the welfare of others, began at the early age of seven with the sudden death of her mother. Having experienced brokenness as a motherless daughter, she learned that love and relationship were the fuel needed to strengthen and encourage God’s people. Evident from childhood to adulthood, her life reflects God’s love wisdom and healing power, which prepared her for the mighty call upon her life.

Her unwavering love for God and her passion to care for His people has led her to teach and speak at various Churches, Women’s Ministries, and Bible Studies. She’s has lead a Women’s Ministry for God’s “Proverbs 31 Woman” and a “Motherless Daughters Ministry.” She’s mentored young ladies 12-18 in various group homes in Southern California and has ministered and counseled women 18 years and older from state to state and nation to nation. For the last 12 years she has ministered to many as the Founder/CEO of GEMSS Ministry, (God Empowering and Mobilizing with Steadfast Success). She travels and ministers in various locations state to state and internationally in Costa Rica and Africa, and currently in partnership with prophets and leaders in Africa (Kenya). Each individual receives an abundance of the Lord’s presence from her teaching and mentorship. She is a vigilant studier of God’s word and has several years of ministerial and leadership experience. She dwells in the secret place of the Lord and Psalm 91 is her insurance policy.

Dr. Belinda Rowe is a graduate of Kingdom University, the most revolutionary institution of higher learning, training ambassadors to impact the world for Christ. She is a licensed ordained minister of the gospel and has an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree, from St Thomas Christian University. She encourages, empowers and equips each individual to “See Themselves as God Sees Them,” a Precious & Valuable GEM. Knowing their worth is priceless.