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Community Outreach Inland Empire
Saturday, August 15, 2020

Glory Hallelujah, for the monetary donation from AAA (Anointed, Appointed & Approved) Women’s Ministry and our board members.  Praise God we were able to purchase supplies for 100 gift bags for children and adults.

In this present season of Covid-19, many children and adults are fearful, brokenhearted, discouraged, sad, lonely and many have developed suicidal tendencies.  GEMSS Ministry wanted to bless individuals within Inland Empire’s community with gifts that would encourage and empower them and take their minds away from the world’s current events. 

We put together gift bags for children ages 0-5, 6-12 and 13-18, and a gift bag for each parent.  Our focus was to take family members away from the world’s sad events and have some fun while in quarantine. Included in the gift bags were games, cards, encouraging books, drawing/coloring essentials, bubbles and snacks.  Also, each mother of the house was given a long stem rose and encouraged to keep up the AWESOME work, and they were told that they are truly appreciated. 

It was a joyous day of giving to many, some cried because they were having a hard time.  What a BLESSING to see the smiles on the children’s faces. Thank you all for helping to pack gift bags, and to those of you who withstood the 110-degree weather as we watched God keep us through it all with a BIG SMILE!  You are so LOVED and APPRECIATED.

Individuals Needing Assistance

As a concept, safe parking refers to a night-time program for people who are experiencing homelessness and sleeping in their vehicles at night, providing a safe and stable place to park the vehicle, remain compliant with local laws, and have access to restroom facilities.  All safe parking programs are accessible by filling out an application and connecting to services that help identify pathways into housing.

In Los Angeles County, there are over 15,700 persons living in 9100 vehicles (cars, vans, campers, and R.V.s) each night, per the L.A. county Homeless Count performed in January, 2018.  These vehicle dwellers represent over 25% of the population of people experiencing homelessness in LA County.


Founded in 2016, Safe Parking LA is a coordinating organization for the community which assists homeless families and individuals living in their vehicles. They support the implementation of “Safe Parking Lots”, which provide individuals a safe place to park each night, restroom access, a security guard, and social service resources.

The Safe Paking Program was based off the New Beginning Santa Barbara Safe Parking Program that has been in operation since 2004.  In March of 2018, Safe Parking LA opened its first Safe Parking lot in Koreatown in the City of Los Angeles.  A second safe parking location for veterans was opened in April of 2018 at the Department of Veteran Affairs Campus in West Los Angeles. In 2019, a total of nine sites have opened with locations in Hollywood, North Hollywood, Reseda, Echo Park, and additional West LA sites.  These nine sites provide safety for up to 190 vehicles and approximately 220 persons every night.

Other sister agencies and other social service providers in the City of Los Angeles are operating Safe Parking programs in Council District 7, Council District 1, and Council District 9. By the end of 2019, there will be enough safe parking in the County for 450 vehicles.

On Friday, January 17, 2020, GEMSS Ministry had the opportunity to fellowship and bless one of the Los Angeles “Safe Parking Locations,” with our delivery titled “Operation Comfort and Joy,” which also included a warm home cooked dinner.  We blessed and gifted each family member with a beautiful rolled up blanket with a bag of toiletries tucked safely inside.  Soap, washcloth, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush/paste, dental floss, mouth wash, lotion, socks and footies. We had such a joyful time and much laughter while having dinner together and we are looking forward to continually providing meals, gifts and much fellowship in the near future. 

We thank you all so much and want to express our appreciation to GEMSS Ministry Board and so many who supported this event with monetary donations, blankets and toiletries.  All of the families were left with a beautiful little note tucked away in their blankets and it read; “YOU Are LOVED.”

GEMSS Health Awareness Invite 3-12-16

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